An Open Letter to Dads of Young Kids Everywhere…


Thank you for choosing to take on the very difficult and often unrewarding task of fatherhood.

Thank you for doing late night shop runs for whatever mummy was craving way back when she was cooking me in her tummy house.

Thank you for sleeping on only a half inch of the bed so she could have almost the whole lot because I was making her so uncomfortable.

Thank you for being patient every time she cried and fretted about the future. Thank you for reassuring her it would all be O.K.

Thank you for being right by her side through every contraction and every push and helping her bring me into the world.

Thank you for being there every day since, even when some of those days were the most difficult and most testing days you will ever know….you were always present and I will remember that you never gave up on us!

Thank you for changing nappies and making bottles, for chasing toddlers and mending broken toys.

Thank you for leaving your nice cosy bed fourteen times a night for night feeds, toilet trips, bad dreams and strange noises and still getting up in the morning and doing it all over again.

Thank you for going to work and putting in a long day’s graft on 4 hours sleep just so I have everything I need.

Thank you for graciously accepting the abusive texts mommy sends you out of sheer desperation because she has reached her wits end with me and doesn’t know what else to do but give out to the only other person who knows how she feels and is not here. Thank you for putting the phone back in your pocket without retaliating, understanding how knackered she is and not mentioning it ever again.

Thank you for dealing with the worst tantrums imaginable and still loving me the very same when I get over myself and calm down.

Thank you for knowing which one of us likes the crust on and which one likes the crust off, who likes yoghurts with little balls and who prefers frubes, which one of us will bounce back up after a fall but which one will need a ‘magic kiss’ to make the ‘ouchie’ all better.

Thank you for looking proud every time I do something right even though this is definitely outweighed by the amount of times I chance doing something wrong.

Thank you for believing in me.

Thank you for taking my little hand in your big hand and showing me the way as I grow and learn.

Thank you for being strong and independant, hard working and fiercely loyal.

Thank you for taking care of the most important thing I have, my mummy.

Thank you for being the kind of man that I will want to be someday.

Thank you for being my Daddy X


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