30 things I’ve learned at 30…

1. Nothing is permanent.

“This too shall pass”. Everything is fleeting. Everything changes. Grief subsides. Contractions ease off. Night feeds end. Recessions cease. Baby blues diminish. Careers end. New ones begin. Babies grow into toddlers. Everything is temporary.

2. Never forget where you started, where you came from, who you belong to, and what you believe in.
3. Stand up for yourself! But know the difference in being assertive and aggressive.

4. Blowing out someone elses candle will NEVER make yours shine any brighter…….you never look good making someone else look bad.
5. If we all threw our problems into a big pile and we got a good look at what everybody else is dealing with…we would probably snatch our own ones back.
6. For every stretch mark I dislike, somebody out there is yearning for them.
7. After marriage and children, every couple goes back to the barter system using orgasms and lie-ins as currency.

8. Listen to your gut….its rarely wrong. And trust the Universe…she knows what she is doing!
9. Forget what some mediocre gobshite thought was an imperfection in you….its your husband’s favourite part!
10. Good karma comes back 3 fold. You get what you deserve..remember that when you have the opportunity to be kind to someone.
11. Rethink your dissapointment. In three years time you will be thanking the universe for unanswered prayers. Sometimes the hardest lessons to learn are the ones we need most.
12. Somebody may have more money, power, social influence than you but you may have more morals and gumption in your big toe than they will ever have. Don’t let that shit intimidate you.
13. If you are going to work hard, remember to play hard. … even the first lady knows all the words to “get your freak on”….

14. Treat your staff like they matter….and they will!

15. The grass is rarely greener on the other side….its green where you water it.
16. Put yourself in another persons shoes every now and again. Its not all about you.
17. Gratitude is a powerful thing. Be grateful and pay it forward.
18. Stop comparing yourself to others….there will never be another you. And stop watering yourself down just because somebody cant handle you at 100 proof. Dont hide parts of yourself or your story for anybody. If they can’t handle you it’s their loss. You wont be everybody’s cup of tea and that’s perfectly fine. But, Be you! Always!
19. Treat yourself. Know what makes you happy and do more if it. Especially when you are also responsible for the happiness of others. You cannot fill from an empty cup!
20. Take your defeats and roll with them. Take what others throw at you and use it to make a solid foundation from which you can grow, learn and prosper. You can do ANYTHING as long as you are willing to work hard.
21. Keep fit. Your body is the only vessel that will see you through this life…mind it! But also make sure to show it a good time…eat the good food and drink the good drink! Balance is key! And give it an NCT every now and again. Don’t listen to the doctors all of the time. They are human too. And they are not always right. If you feel you need a once over…go get one! If you need a new doctor…go get one!
22. Your parents will not always be here…tell them how much they mean to you. Thank them. Pick up the phone right now and share a random memory with them. Listen to them laugh. Bottle that sound and keep it tight. You never know when the laughter will stop.
23. With a death, everything changes forever.
24. Work. Even when your not getting paid for it. The late night hustle will be the decider in your success or your failure. Do it for free first… and then charge for it. There is no better way to build on your experience. Always be hustling.

25. People will talk….give them something worth talking about and always remember that today’s headlines are tomorrow’s fish and chip wrappers.
26. Memories and photographs are priceless. Social media and the technology era has threatened that. Print the damn photos!
27. Children listen to everything!
28. Your marriage is more important than your wedding.
29. The mess can wait…the kids will never be this young and eager again.
30. Home is not necessarily four walls and a roof….home is where people know the worst of you and love you anyway. Home is unconditional. Home is wherever you go for help, guidance, love, support, a glass of wine and a good laugh. Home is where your name is always on the pot and the door is always open. Home may not be blood. Home is where people choose to love you even though they dont have to.

I know we are at 30 but there’s one more…..and its uber important…

Your friends are paramount to your survival. I would have quit at life by now if it wasnt for my friendships. Friends will share the best days of your life and the same ones will be by your side when grief and tragedy visit. They will pick you up, dust you off and remind you what path you were on when you are just about ready to throw in the towel. Keep them close. Remember their important things…their birthdays, their kids birthdays, anniversaries, job interviews, holidays, kids first days at school…too many friendships fall through the cracks because all this stuff seems like hard work on top of a jam packed life. Stay in touch. Laugh. Often. Meet up. Often. Share their lives too. Phone them just to say hi! It is more important than all the other stuff combined. Dont just concentrate on having friends…..be a good friend and there will always be a kettle on somewhere!

Because who else is going to talk you out of strangling your spouse????